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one on one


personalized grief ceremony & support

When was the last time your grief was held lovingly by another?
Do you long for a space to share what's alive without judgment?
Do you desire a container that isn't about fixing or finding solutions to the uncomfortable feelings?

Our one on one grief support is curated specifically for you. During this offering we will listen to what is on your heart and co-create a ceremony that will be most supportive to you. We work with a variety of modalities; deep listening, reflection, sound meditation, movement, flower essences, fire & water rituals - all in support of holding space for what is present. Big emotions like deep grief and anger are welcome here as well as more subtle, quiet or unexpected emotions like numbness and confusion.

Sometimes we need a container that is smaller and more intimate for our grief, yet where the magnitude of it can be held. We also have access to a community of grief tenders and can curate a larger container for your grief to move, if desired. This is a space where asking for what you need is encouraged.

conscious dying coaching

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The Conscious Dying Coaching program includes five unique sessions that lead you through a reflective process regarding your end-of-life journey. As your guide, our goal is to help you reach clarity around what you’d like to see unfold in the final months, weeks and days of your life. It’s astounding how many people report making choices at the end of life based on what others want instead of what they desire or envision. Our coaching program gives you a chance to move through this process with a guide who is committed to honoring YOUR values and desires.


+ We cover 5 domains: practical, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
+ We have 5 meetings (zoom or in-person) that last 60-75 minutes each.
+ Reflective questions are sent for you to ponder and fill out before the session.
+ Our time together will be to clarify, deepen, answer questions & make a guide to help
get your affairs in order.
+ This process allows you to assess if how you’re living now aligns with your most
important life values.
+ It allows us to see more clearly the conversations that still need to be had with loved
ones, and may give you more desire to make those connections sooner rather than later.

You will leave with a written plan so when the time comes, you won’t have to spend as much
time and energy making these difficult choices. This written guide is something you can give to
your caregivers and loved ones so they have clarity around how to best support you in your
final chapter. Yes, the practical things are important, and we will cover that but we’ll also cover
how your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental body would like to be cared for during that
period of time.


client testimonials

"It has been so valuable for me, I find myself talking to others about it often. I feel like my life is more purposeful now – I am more clear about what really matters.  Jen is such a loving, insightful and honest guide. Her capacity to support is rare and so lovely to be around."


- S.T.

“Many of the answers did not come to me until I worked with Micaela.”



"There was so much that I hadn’t considered - I thought the legal paperwork was enough. I feel like my life is more purposeful now – I am more clear about what really matters."

- S.T.

“Micaela’s presence was heartfelt; gentle.  She teased out root issues with ease and grace.”




Who is this best for? 

Anyone! Those who are healthy, experiencing health challenges or navigating a terminal diagnosis. 

For example, Jen worked with a client in their early 30’s whose dear friend died recently and felt moved to get her own wishes documented. Jen worked with a mom of two who wanted to ease the stress of her family members in the future and also guarantee that her wishes were honored not only at her time of death but leading up to it. 

Micaela worked with a man who is extremely healthy and really living the life that he wants. Even still he discovered some really important information on how he wants the end of his life to be, and shared that with his family.


This topic freaks me out? Is that okay? I have lots of feelings including fear. 

All your feelings are welcome. If you experience resistance or fear when thinking about this process, know that is common. Most of us haven’t had many role models or examples of how to handle these conversations. It can also be really upsetting and disorienting to talk about the end of our lives. We are here to be present with you, listen, ask questions about what’s coming up, and to normalize this messy, hard and uncomfortable topic.


Reiki is a meditative form of energy healing for the mind, body & soul. It involves the gentle laying on of hands to facilitate healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It helps to balance your overall energy, cleanse, relax and nourish your system holistically.

Reiki can be offered as a complement to any other service or it can stand alone. 

We offer free 20 minute consultations if you have an interest in working together in some capacity.


to set something up.

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