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Thank you for landing here with Deeper Currents

Grief Tenders, Death Workers, Space Holders & Facilitators for the Deeper Currents of Life.

A place where we are committed to giving death and grief its rightful seat at the table of life. We walk this path and tend these realms because we honor and acknowledge their deep wisdom and power.


What would life look like if we invited these elements into our lives, instead of pushed them away? This is an inquiry that we have chosen to take seriously. 

Our intention and goal is to help you reorient to what matters most in life... bringing the focus back to what makes life much more vivid.


Instead of a culture where we push away the grief and death process, we long to support you in building a relationship with it.

"Grief and love are sisters, woven together from the beginning. Their kinship reminds us that there is no love that does not contain loss and no loss that is not a reminder of the love we carry for what we once held close.” 


Francis Weller

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