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death work

What is your relationship with death?

Have you experienced death in a way that felt disconnected?

Have you thought about how you want your final days, weeks, months on earth to look?

What would it feel like to have your family & friends know your vision for this sacred time?

we were all born with the same diagnosis that some day we will die

This is a truth that no one will escape. This is also the hardest truth to accept. Why is that? Is it because we don’t know what will happen after we die? Is it because we don’t live in a culture that teaches us to honor and welcome death as a part of life? Maybe it’s the fact that our culture is hyper focused on extending our youth and lives as long as possible.

we believe that death is a portal

We believe that birth & death are the bookends to Life. We believe that both our entrance & exit to Life needs to be fully revered.

What does it look like to have death be fully honored? How do we create a meaningful exit?


These are the questions we want to support you & your families with.

We believe that a meaningful death is unique to each family constellation & individual. It is our role to guide & support you in uncovering the way you want to spend your final days. 

We desire to help families & communities create an environment where less needs to be done, where more beauty & connection is available, where loving presence holds the rooms & where grief & honest conversations can be shared.

When we accept death as the backdrop to life, our reality inherently becomes more vivid & precious. We so often forget that we won’t be here forever... yet turning toward this truth creates space for more aliveness, gratitude & even joy.


"Life & death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides."

  - Lao Tzu

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