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Learning to Tend Grief

Thursday evenings every other week from 6PM - 8PM
+ Winter Series dates: 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/7

Located at Full Bloom Sanctuary (15 mins outside of Bellingham off Everson Goshen Road * exact address will be shared after signing up)

MEETING SPACE: We will plan to meet outside around a large fire pit on nights that are dry enough. We also have an indoor space during the wet & rainy nights.

Cost: sliding scale from $100 - $200 for series | $40 for individual drop-in


+ series registration deadline: January 18th

+ individual drop-in registration deadline is 48 hours before gathering

+ scholarships are available - email to inquire


+ To reserve your spot, email

+ Make payment through Venmo: Nathan Musterer @FullBloomSanctuary

or Paypal:

We live in a culture that teaches us to hide our grief and sorrow. That it’s not welcome to community spaces or even in our most intimate relationships. This stirs the inquiry:

How do we tend to our grief?

What does tending grief even mean or look like?


It can feel radical to gather in community to explore grief’s edges, yet many have a longing to not do it alone. 


This container was intentionally designed for those who are unfamiliar with turning toward their grief in different ways and/or in community. We have heard the call from those who know there are other ways of being with grief that are available but don’t know where to begin. This is a space where we will gather to discuss and explore simple & gentle ways to be with grief.


You can sign up for the whole series or drop-in to a single class or two. 

The topics for each gathering:


Circle #1: Intro to the Five Gates of Grief + conversation around how grief manifests and how to tend to it in supportive ways


Circle #2: Grief exploration through creative outlets


Circle #3: Grief exploration through movement


Circle #4: Simple yet potent water ritual


In our culture it’s common to think this may not apply to you if you haven’t lost someone recently or had a major life transition (divorce, move, job loss, etc) but we want to expand on the places grief can arise . . .

  • Grief related to family and friend dynamics (recent or past)

  • Grief that arises around certain holidays or anniversaries

  • Grief that you can’t name but is deeply felt

  • Pandemic grief

  • Collective grief 

  • Ancestral grief


If you’re noticing a curiosity arise, a stirring inside that you recognize as resonance or a full body YES as you read this email, we invite you to join us. 






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