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grief work

What if we never lost connection with our big & small griefs throughout our lives? 

How might our bodies feel differently?

Would it impact how we show up in community?

How might that ripple to our family members? 

To our relationship with ourselves?

For most of us, there is grief waiting to be felt & honored underneath the surface.

We live in a culture that minimizes, ignores & stuffs it away.

So many of us were taught that IF we are going to grieve, it should be done in private.

Hidden away from others to see & witness.

We’ve been taught it’s messy & not welcome. 


We believe the opposite - grief is longing to be felt & shared in community.


We believe the grief longs for a witness, a space to be held & seen with loving care.

We have found that being in spaces that allow grief to move through are not only healing but transformational. Turning towards the mini & big sorrows of our day to day lives is also turning towards what we love.


"To honor your grief is not self-destructive or harmful, it is life-sustaining and life-giving, and it ultimately leads you back to love again. In this way, love is both the cause and the antidote.

– Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph. D.


So many of us were taught that grief arises mainly when we lose something or someone we love. A death of a family member, pet, dear friend, etc. But grief is alive even in the moments of change & growth we’ve been praying for for years. A marriage. Welcoming a child into the world. Moving to a place you feel called & more at home. Graduating from school. Growing older & wiser...


Once we expand our lens on what grief is, how it shows up in us individually & arrive in spaces that welcome the naming, feeling & honoring of its presence, life becomes much more rich, vivid & full spectrum. Like the quote says above, “to honor your grief is . . . life-sustaining and life-giving.” 

love & grief are in a divine dance with each other

grief support

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Being With Grief

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Learning to Tend Grief

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January 25th

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Being With Grief

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Sunday, December 3rd

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