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Trusting the Deeper Currents


The intention here is simple. To bring death and grief back into the conversation of life. It sounds so easy when we say it like that. Yet, there are so many reasons why we have landed in these times where we as a culture are dissociated from these inevitable parts of life.


Our only goal here is; to help soften the discomfort of these topics, to provide
some tools that many deep divers have acquir
ed, and hopefully bring aspects of
ourselves back to the table that have been lost, forgotten or thrown away.

During our inquiry to understand our own grief, as well as face the fact that we will die one day, we gained so much more wholeness.




On this podcast, we talk to those who are creating a new narrative, paving a new way, and feeling a deep sense of resonance as they do so. We definitely don’t know it all, and never will, this brings us to you. We want to learn, share stories, tears and wisdom. Here we want to share our humanity. To bring us closer together in this wild ride we call

The name of the podcast, “Trusting the Deeper Currents,” was inspired by a song lyric written by one of our grief mentors, Lawerence Cole. He is a wise, tender pillar in the PNW grief ritual community.

If you really think about it...

when we deny death & grief, we are denying the most real parts of being human.

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