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hi, i'm micaela

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I have been deeply intrigued by death and grief my whole life. I’ve always been drawn to the fact that our culture pushes these realities as far away as possible. One day a  question arose that changed my life’s trajectory, what if we welcomed death and grief as a part of life? What if we integrated these elements back into our day to day, how would life itself change? 


One of my most vivid memories I have as a child was taking time off school in eighth grade to be with a friend in deep grief after her father died. I also had the privilege to work with the elderly population for many years before having children. Tending to them in their last years, months and days. These experiences laid the foundation for my life’s work. I learned how to be present, patient and deeply compassionate. 


I love being outside with Mama Earth; gardening, harvesting plants and making herbal medicine. I enjoy running in the woods, finding moments of deep connection to my body through dance, yoga, and movement. Spending time with friends and family is deeply nourishing, and as a mother of three time alone is a precious treasure. 

I am on a deep spiritual quest to uncover my my most authentic form. I am here to shed layers, false stories/narratives that I have inherited and placed on myself. Opening to and understanding how I can break down white privilege, patriarchy and divisiveness with in myself Is a priority. Honoring where I have come from and who I have come through, means giving my ancestors the rightful place in my life. Sitting with others in circle and collectively relearning how to authentically relate to ourselves, eachother and the Earth is why I am here with you today.

professional bio

+ B.S. Psychology at San Diego State University

+ 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

+ Graduate from the Conscious Dying Institute

+ Apprenticed with Laurence Cole & Therese Charvet in Grief Ritual work

+ Studied Herbalism with Leslie Leikos

+ Studied how to support grief and the nervous system with herbalism

+ Operate a retreat center

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